July 2, 2010

blog love: more favourite freebies.

Okay, so this week I have shared all my secrets. Secrets of where I find all the awesome online graphic freebies, that is. I want to leave you with two sites that you probably already know and love, but if you don't know about them, you'll probably be happy I told you.
deviantART is a hub of artistry online. I like to use it for stock images but especially textures. You can spend hours searching around the site just admiring all the different graphics and textures that are offered. Have fun.

The second site I want to share with you should be no stranger for those who love fonts. dafont.com has hundreds, if not thousands, of fonts that are available both for a cost and for free. These fonts are created by different individuals and are categorized, making it is easy to find the font you need for a specific project. Some of my favourite fonts right now are Jane Austen, Traveling Typewriter, Learning Curve, DJ Kitchen. Hope you enjoy browsing through the variety of fonts and looking for your own favourites.
What are your favourite places for freebies on the web? Any of your favourites I've missed? Please share your favourite freebie hide-outs by leaving a comment below.

And since it is Friday, I'll leave you for the weekend with a few different things that I liked or felt inspired by this week:

Beautiful wedding invitations by Betsywhite (via snippet & ink).

This Tennessee mountain wedding (via Style Me Pretty)

Colourful crochet craft.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jess,
    I haven't talked to you since High School but I often read your blog (creepy?). I love it, great job!
    Jacklyn Warmington


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