about jess


My name is Jess and I write this blog. 

I live near Hamilton, Ontario. I did not always, but now that I do, I am growing fond of this city made of brick and steel. I live in an apartment with a room that is painted purple with my husband Caleb. The University of Waterloo is where I completed both my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts and this is where I keep up to date on the interests I gained while at school. 

But here, at Brown Boots, here is where I share with you the past times and daily events that I love. I really enjoy making crafts - knitting and sewing, card making and scrapbooking - those are just four of the creative tasks that I like to do. 

I also love to cook. And bake. And eat. Especially the eating part. In May 2009 I found out I am allergic to wheat and so that has added an extra challenge to the whole cooking and baking thing that I love to do. And although it has forced me to look beyond the basic I am so happy that I get to share these discoveries and victories in the kitchen with you. 

So welcome, dear reader, to my blog Brown Boots. I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and if you'd like to contact me with ideas for posts or just to say 'hi' you can reach me at brownboots (dot) jess (at) gmail (dot) com
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