January 29, 2010


Now for something completely different. I love reading, I love stories and tales, myths and legends. I love fantasy, classic fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels. I just gobble up any written words that land in my lap. I hope one day to have a library in my home where I can just go and hang out surrounded by books. For me, books are inviting, they're a comfort, and they hold mysteries I get to uncover.
I love to read (did I say that already?). And this is my grandma (with my grandpa who passed away a few years ago). My grandma is legally blind and cannot read books on her own.

That's why, when I found out that the CNIB Library might lose its funding and the 800,000 Canadians that suffer from partial or total vision loss would be without access to books in accessible formats, I took action by joining their Right to Read campaign and wrote to my Premier and the Prime Minister. Because my grandma is legally blind she uses the CNIB Library to get a whole assortment of different books to listen to on a special CNIB book player. She loves to listen to the stories and then share with us what she's read. She once even read the story about the man who founded the orphanage I went to in Kenya! Without access to the CNIB Library, she would not be able to continue learning and listening to stories. It really only takes three minutes to go to the Right to Read website and share with your Premier and the Prime Minister that you want the CNIB Library to receive funding in the new budgets that are being drawn up.

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