February 27, 2010

stop motion.

When I was young, I really enjoyed the stop motion animation of Wallace and Gromit after receiving three of their videos from my aunt. The amount of time and energy it must take to make a stop-motion video that flows nicely - it must involve hours of work and lots of dedication (not to mention attention to detail).
I think I enjoy really well done stop-motion because it displays the well-honed ability of someone to acknowledge and take note of everything that is happening in their environment during a single second and translate that to a single frame; and then tie it to the frame before and after.
My sister Danika showed me this video by Oren Lavie a few months ago, and maybe you've seen it, but I love the stop motion filming of it.

Since then I've also discovered another short stop-motion film directed by photographer Angela Kohler.

Isn't it beautiful? I particulary like the part when she's in the water with the whale and the ship.
Another stop-motion film (a little longer this time) is Fantastic Mr. Fox. As an avid Roald Dahl reader growing up, I think that Caleb and I will have to rent this or borrow it from the library sometime soon. Not only does Wes Anderson use stop-motion animation but it sounds witty (and had George Clooney in it... at least his voice anyway).
Is there any particular animation technique that you really liked growing up and don't see too often anymore? Or that you have learned to appreciate over the years? Have you ever tried making a stop-motion short film? Or do you have a favourite stop-motion film that I haven't linked to? I've been intrigued by stop-motion for a while and have wanted to attempt one of my own. We'll see if that turns into anything. These videos inspire me.


  1. I love stop Motion too Jess! I've seen these videos before and was blown away!!
    You should watch, Sunshine by Vaquero on youtube. It isn't stop motion, but it's got a cool effect. I really like that video.

  2. You're right, it is a really neat video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i7VCG0rOtY). I especially love when they're trying to 'walk' up the stairs.


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