March 16, 2010

children and planes.

Today is one of the first days where it really feels like springtime. The sun is out, the wind is cool but not cold, and there are people everywhere with big smiles on their faces. Literally, people everywhere. When I was driving home from Micah House this afternoon in downtown Hamilton there were at least a thousand people milling about Jackson Square and the park across from it. I couldn't believe my eyes.
And so in honour of the lovely weather, I want to share with you the picture above titled "Deaf Children Dancing to the Sound of Planes" by artist and printmaker Sanya Glisic in Chigaco. I found it on her Etsy shop Horse Drawn Carriage. I really like this print because of its whimsy, colour choices, and the silly name. It might just be the influential weather, but this print just makes me smile! Also, be sure to check out Sanya's other works at her Etsy shop, they are just as creative and inspiring - if not more so.

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