March 19, 2010

flittering butterflies.

Right now, Caleb and I live in an apartment. Because it is a short-term living solution, we've decided not to paint the walls. Fortunately, the main room came painted in this lovely robins egg blue that works really well with our white couches and wooden furniture. Unfortunately, the bedroom was left this awful apartment white colour, not quite white, but not quite anything else either. As much as I love the furniture in our bedroom, the feel of the bedroom is basically really boring. Then I saw the above picture at Style Me Pretty as part of a wedding photo shoot designed by Viola at Chewing the Cud and thought, that could be a great wall decoration - especially in the springtime. Don't you think?
This looks simple enough to make at home. I'll have to make a butterfly template, and then similar to the flag banner, pick paper that I like, fold it in half, and get right to it. I also will have to figure out an adhesive that can keep the butterflies on the wall, but also let them come off easily when it's time to move.
Anyway, just wanted to share with you this gorgeous photo and what it brought to my mind. I'll keep you updated if this project comes to fruition.

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