March 17, 2010

flag banner.

Today I want to share with you this picture of the flag banner that I made for Caleb's birthday back in February. My inspiration was this post from last spring.
Making a flag banner is really easy and although you can probably figure it out based on the picture above, instructions are below.

What you'll need.

Scissors for cutting paper.

Cardstock or light paper in the colour or pattern of your choice.

Double-sided tape (or your favourite craft adhesive).

Butcher's twine.

Fold the paper horizontally approximately the size of triangles you want to make. Cut folded paper into triangles, with the base of the triangle at the folded edge. Once you've cut out the desired number of triangles in the size you want, take butcher's twine and adhere the triangles to it using double sided tape. I usually put some tape at the base of the triangles where they touch the string, and then in the centre, so they hold together. (Note. Double-sided tape is the quickest way to make this banner but regular white craft glue or Mod Podge help the banner to last longer so you can use it over and over again.)
It is a really simple and easy craft to do while watching a movie, and the impact it makes hanging across your ceiling is spectacular. This flag banner really screams party (and is a nice alternative to crepe paper streamers). I've also made a flag banner using a pink and brown colour scheme to be used a friends' wedding showers. Have fun letting your creativity flow!

Maybe try cutting out different shapes - just make sure that they can be folded together over top of the string so they don't fall off!

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  1. Jess - I love your blog ... so much fun looking at the great inspirations and how you have used them. You should check out the web site It is from a magazine that I bought last time we were in NYC, but since I haven't been able to find it here, I have been checking out their website. Let me know what you think. TTFN Karen


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