April 30, 2010

can you still feel the butterflies?

You might remember this post from a while back where you get to see the very boring 'apartment white' colour of our bedroom. Next, you might remember this post where I thought about making some lovely wall art to put above our bed to add a new dimension of colour and interest to our room. And finally, you might remember this post where I gave you a sneak peek of the butterflies in progress.
Today I bring you the finished result: a cacophony of butterflies above our bed.

The difference this makes in our bedroom is unbelievable. It feels more interesting and gives your eye something to look at when it first walks into the room. It is a great focal point I hope to compliment with some gallery style picture frames on the adjacent wall with similarly themed pieces. Maybe one frame will have some of our favourite butterfly-inspired lyrics from Jimmy Eat World that Caleb put on the first mix-CD he ever made me: "Can you still feel the butterflies?"

But, that's another project for another day. For this project the process was very simple and only required a little bit of time and some items I had around the house.
I searched 'butterfly silhouettes' online and found a set of them that I then shrunk to fit one print-out. I cut those out and used them as my templates.

Then I took card-stock I already had in the house and cut it out into about 3"-wide strips (make sure a whole butterfly will fit the width of the strip). I folded the card-stock vertically and then traced half a butterfly on it. Then I cut them out and stuck them on the wall using Scotch poster tape. Because we're currently renting, I needed to use an adhesive that would not remove the paint or damage the walls but would be strong enough to keep the butterflies on it. I chose the poster tape because it is removable and designed specifically for painted walls. Hopefully it lives up to its reputation and we're not surprised when we take them down.
That's all there is to it. Very simple and money-friendly project that has added some needed variety and interest to our otherwise plain bedroom.

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