May 21, 2010

the city harmonic.

Last Saturday Caleb and I went to the CD release concert for The City Harmonic. Self described as 'what happens when you mix nostalgic hymns, brit-rock and that sing-at-the-campfire feeling,' The City Harmonic is simply amazing.
This was their first concert and they sure rocked it. They sang through their entire EP and were fresh, fun, and full of talent.
And boy, was it loud! The bass sometimes shook the entire room, it felt like the music was coming from inside you instead of at you. The audience was really excited. Lots of friends and family were there to support them (even Caleb's grandma and grandpa!). It was a really fun time.
The band is made up of Elias Dummer, Eric Fusilier, Aaron Powell, and Josh Vanderlaan. It was great seeing our friends/family in the band do such a great job at their first concert as The City Harmonic.
The City Harmonic has enormous amounts of talent and it is fun listening to their EP and watching them in concert. I hope that you have an opportunity to hear them sometime soon.

Want to experience more from The City Harmonic? Watch the creation of their EP, join their Facebook Group, or follow them on Twitter.

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