May 12, 2010

cover and colour by book.

Kathleen over at Twig & Thistle has recently created projects and posts that are right up my alley. So, pardon me for blogging about all the great things she's doing over there, I just can't help it, they're so perfect!
Today I am liking her book cover and bookmark post. She shows how simply covering a book and inserting a cute bookmark makes a great favour/place card for a wedding. I love this idea because I love books and I think it would be so sweet to give your favourite book or collection of stories/poems to everyone you invite to your wedding. (And it would even be better if you and the fiance had a favourite book together.)

But, it is not only a good idea for a wedding. I've ocassionally thought over the past year about covering all the books I own in cream coloured sheets of paper or else in coordinating paper as seen over at Twig & Thistle. Right now my books are organized by colour (but do not look quite like the image below). I think that creating shelves of books with the same cover and then writing in pencil down the side the title and author would be visually appealing as well. I think I'll wait to try it until we get a home with cream coloured book shelves because it probably wouldn't look too good in a dark brown bookcase.

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