May 11, 2010

a crash and concrete.

Today I want to share with you this 'house crashing' sneak peek found over at Young House Love of Kara's, from Made 2 Create, house in Tulsa, Oklahoma (see the couple of photos below). Kara and her husband furnished their house using only garage sale or Craigslist finds, or from making items themselves. Their home is a really great one to find some inspiration in while remaining really budget friendly, and second-hands finds are also easy on the environment. Some of my favourite ideas in their home are the faux fireplace, the mason jar light fixtures (which I've seen here too), and the concret countertops in their kitchen. The different styles of their bedrooms are really fun too. Be sure to check out the whole tour over at Young House Love.

In fact, I am enamoured with the idea of concrete counter tops and table tops right now. I hope maybe Caleb will fall for them (well, as only a boy can) and want one in our future home. Kara's husband also created a tabletop and there are do-it-yourself tutorials for concrete counter tops and tables all over the internet (such as, at first glance, here, here, and here).

Apparently concrete countertops are common in many other parts of the world, but aren't too popular in North America. They look super sweet though and I'm wondering if they'd be comparable to granite (without the high cost) or if they're porous and absorb any spill that happens on them. Definitely want to do more research into them - they're very visually different than anything I've seen before.

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  1. Great post, Jess. I saw this house crash on YHL today. Concrete counter tops are really amazing! Especially in Kara's husbands link, with the doilies. So awesome...


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