May 13, 2010

sharon montrose.

Are you ready for an overload of all things adorable? This post will definitely satiate your cute quota for possibly the next month or few. Sharon Montrose is a photographer based out of Los Angeles who photographs babies, kids, and animals. I think her best known work is of baby animals like the ones below. You can see her blog here, her website here, and her etsy shop here for even more cuteness.
Here are some of my favourites of hers (click on the label below the picture to see them at her store).
(Dear Caleb: I have a super weak spot for basset hounds.)

I think I could go on forever, if you think you can too then go check out her etsy store, it is full of amazing photographs of all things wild (even a baby giraffe).
Want to know how she got started? Check out the video below.

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