June 30, 2010

blog love: clip art.

Keeping on theme with the graphics inspired favourite freebie websites from yesterday and the day before, today I want to share three great websites and blogs for free clip art online. This isn't your ordinary Microsoft-Word-from-the-90s clip art, mind you. Instead, this is a selection of unique graphics and vintage images that can be used for your own graphic designs or else printed out and framed as art in your home.

First up is the blog Vintage Printable. As I write this they're currently going through some reconstruction of their site, so you might not find it as interesting as you will in a few days. But trust me, when you do go visit and it is running at full capacity, the selection of images is broad and unique. You can find very specific images: from pathologies to botanical prints to blue prints to portraits to images from old books... You get the idea. I personally love the selection of maps and old community service announcement posters. You can literally spend hours searching through all the different images that they have. Enjoy yourself.

Up next is Tack-O-Rama, a site that is full of 'retro resources for designers.' This site has clip art but also fonts, stock photography, tiles, and custom shapes. I haven't used it too much yet, but it is fun looking through all the images and graphics reminiscent of the 1950s.

Lastly, I want to share with you the blog Graphics Fairy. Similar to Vintage Printable, this site has over 1,200 free clip art images available. She also uses her clip art finds in DIY crafts with tutorials. The Graphics Fairy uses images she finds or has at her home and posts new images every day (since 2007). That's a lot of images to browse through.

So hopefully you'll find yourself with too many images to deal with after this post (a good thing), and that you'll be able to use these resources the next time you're looking for the perfect image for your project.

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