June 17, 2010

an epic yarn.

Now it is time to combine two of my favourite things: video games and textile crafts. I never even imagined a mixing of such two very different past-times, and yet, here we are today with just that.
Last night Caleb and I watched Nintendo's E3 presentation (we embrace our nerdiness) and Nintendo showcased a new game called Kirby's Epic Yarn to be released this fall. The 'epic yarn' is not telling of just the hopefully great storyline but also describes the screen setting/background of levels and Kirby himself. It is all made to look like fabric, embroidery, and yarn. It is so beautiful and creative and well done... I was almost drooling by the end.

Be sure to check out the promotional video of the game here - it looks so fun and really cute. Caleb and I can't wait to play it.

In other gamer news that is less cute but more of a throwback, Goldeneye 007 is coming to Wii. I never got past the third or fourth level in the original N64 version (for an eleven year old girl the music and dark setting were just too scary!) but maybe this time around I'll be better at it. Anyway, looks pretty fun.
Well, that's all the nerdiness I'm going to share with you today. Do you have a favourite videogame from when you were young that you'd like to see brought back? Do you have a favourite one now? (I do too, find out what I think of Super Mario Galaxy 2 soon!) I'd love to hear your thoughts and fond memories about gaming - just comment below.

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